At St Cecilia’s we are proud of our excellent academic achievements. As our Mission Statement articulates, individual excellence in learning is one of our primary goals. For this reason, we offer a balanced and diverse curriculum. However, within this context, we ensure that literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills are given particular importance.

St Cecilia’s is a welcoming learning community where staff, parents and the parish work together to nurture the spiritual, academic, social, physical and creative development of each child.

Through our ‘Challenge Based Learning’ program students are encouraged to pose problems, think critically and creatively and to consider possibilities in order to connect important global issues to their own Mission and Action.

At St Cecilia’s we believe children learn best when:

  • Effective learning and teaching acknowledges the individuality and diversity of all learners
  • Effective learning and teaching requires learners to be actively engaged and challenged within their own learning range
  • Effective learning and teaching is a process that develops active construction of meaning
  • Effective learning and teaching happens when learners are immersed in a supportive and challenging environment where experiences develop independence, self-direction and confidence
  • Effective learning and teaching occurs as a result of the partnership between the teacher, the learner and the parents.  These relationships are fundamental to the achievement of positive learning outcomes
  • Effective learning and teaching involves being critically aware of social and cultural influences.  The core Catholic values provide a framework for the deconstruction of these, allowing the learner to personalise meaning.