Education is the process of helping each individual discover their own uniqueness, awesome capacity and responsibility.

Behaviour management at St Cecilia’s is seen as guiding, leading, encouraging and demonstrating Christian behaviour within a framework of Christian values.

Core Value School Rule Behavioural Expectations
Respect Respect yourself, others and the environment.

Col 3:15 – Each one of you is part of the body of Christ and you were chosen to live together in peace.
• Learn and let others learn
• Speak and act with kindness
• Safe and caring hands
• Be a good listener
• Care for property
• All rubbish in the bin
• Care for your appearance
Justice Treat others as you want to be treated.

Psalm 106:3 – Blessed are they who maintain justice who constantly do what is right.
• Share and be fair
• Inclusion, not exclusion
Service Help others in our school,wider community and our world.

Luke 12:35 – Be ready for service and keep your lamps burning
• Help others to follow the rules
• Be in the right place at the right time
• Help others in need
Hope Be positive and contribute.

Matt 19:26 With God all things are possible.
• Have a go and try to do your best
• Be prepared
Celebration Celebrate our community • Participate and be involved
• Recognise and congratulate others
• Share talents and ideas
• Welcome others to our community


There are appropriate and inappropriate behaviours.  We each have rights and responsibilities.


Everyone has the right to be happy

Everyone has the right to be safe

Everyone has the right to be treated as an individual with respect

Everyone has the right to communicate and be listened to

Everyone has the right to learn without interruption

Everyone has the right to use and share resources and equipment



Responsibility is when we make informed choices about our behaviour and take control of our actions.

In line with our school values at St Cecilia’s every person has a Responsibility:

~to care for each other                      ~to encourage

~to help each other                            ~to listen

~to do their best                                 ~to discuss

~to be respectful                                ~to be honest

~to work and play safely                   ~to share attention

~to co-operate                                    ~to ask for help

~to have a go

~to share resources and equipment

What Happens When Inappropriate Behaviour Occurs?

Children are reminded of the rule they have broken, redirected, retaught appropriate behaviours, given time out, complete think paper, and meet with the Principal and parents.