Parents and Friends Association – Parent Network

The P&F Association represents all families and friends of the children of St Cecilia’s school. Traditionally the P&F Association at St Cecilia’s has been a very active and involved parent body aiming to strengthen ties within the school community as well as enhancing the profile of the school and raising funds for the benefit of our children.

Funds raised by the P&F are used to assist the school in the purchase of resource materials. In the past funds have been used to purchase reading books, mathematics equipment, play and sporting equipment, computers, library resources and more. The P&F Association meet 4 times each year (once a term). All activities are recorded in the school newsletters. The minutes of meetings are posted on the P&F notice board. There is an annual election of office bearers to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets once a term and functions to facilitate coordinate and organise activities within the Association.

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The Executive Committee for 2024 compromises:
Presidents Carolyn and Rhys Williams
Treasurer Rob Pyne
Communications & Secretary Lauren Kinsella
Vice President Community (Class Lists, Volunteers and Buddy Families) Clare Miller
Vice President Sponsorship Camilla Garcia
Vice President Clubs and Service Steph Jeffs
Vice President Social Justice & Spirituality Kylie Chesson
Vice President Celebration Events Alissa Volpe
Vice President Broken Bay Parent Representitive Alex Goudie
Class Parents
Kindergarten Heidi Guenther
Year 1 Christina McCluskey, Phoebe Scamps & Kate Seccombe
Year 2 Emily Harry & Loren McDonald
Year 3 Steph Jeffs, Amanda Mullen, Katrina Nilsson & Zoe Sofia
Year 4 Majella Brady & Bronwyn Harrison
Year 5 Akosita Brown & Jen Whiteside
Year 6 Sandi Ayliffe & Louise Gilmartin

Some Activities of the P&F Association at St Cecilia’s:

Class Parents

Class parents act as a liaison between parents, teachers and the P&F Association and assist with a number of duties including:

  • Assisting classroom teacher as requested
  • Coordinating informal get-togethers
  • Assisting the P&F with fundraising efforts and social events.

Broken Bay Diocese Catholic Council of School Parents

Parent representatives from all schools in the Broken Bay Diocese meet once a term. The body’s purpose is to provide a forum in which all parents of children educated in Catholic schools in the Diocese are represented. Matters for consideration generally relate to the development and involvement of parents in the education of their children eg family-parish-school relations, pastoral policies, analysis of Governmental directives or funding. Parent representatives attend these meetings on behalf of parents at our school and report information at Executive meetings.