Learning Opportunities and Support

Information Communication Learning Technology

The implementation of Information Communication Learning Technology throughout St Cecilia’s is ongoing. Each classroom now has a minimum ratio of 1 device for every 3 students. All classrooms and the Library are equipped with Interactive Whiteboard/Projectors. Children have opportunities to participate in range of digital technologies including research, word processing, skill development, web design and on line learning with activities integrated into Key Learning Areas.

Gifted and High Achievers

St Cecilia’s is committed to the education of high ability and gifted students in an inclusive setting. All teachers are provided with professional learning opportunities and complete the Gerric Certificate of Gifted Education with UNSW.

Differentiated curriculum strategies are school-wide and meet the diverse learning needs of gifted and talented students.

As a result of the identification process, appropriate differentiated educational programs are put in place for identified students.

Teachers pre-assess, design and implement differentiated programs and evaluate their effectiveness in relation to meeting the needs of gifted and talented students including those who are twice exceptional, Aboriginal & Torres Strait islander, underachieving and EAL/D.

Teachers use a range of evidence-based instructional strategies appropriate for gifted and talented students.

A broad range of authentic learning opportunities, linked to other educational networks, are used when appropriate to extend gifted and talented students.

Class programs involve challenges that promote the development of higher order thinking skills and include emotional and social intelligences, e.g. using real problems that involve analysis, synthesis and evaluative skills.  Individual or small group activities challenge students to develop their skills in areas where children have advanced interest or passion.

Extra curricular activities designed to broaden student interests are provided, e.g. chess club, sports days, choir, dance, drama and music.  Students have the opportunity to participate in school and regional events, e.g., sporting events, leadership courses, Da Vinci Decathlon, Future Problem Solving and Maths challenges.

Learning Support

Specialist learning support is offered to children at St Cecilia’s who have specific or general learning needs. The learning support teacher works in collaboration with learning support assistants and classroom teachers to provide support for students.

The Diverse Learning Team consists of the Principal, Learning Support Teacher and the Leader of Gifted Education.


The Library is an integral part of learning at St Cecilia’s and is under the leadership of the Teacher/Librarian. Children have access and are actively encouraged to borrow books, use technology and use library resources during the school day. The library has many laptops for student use. The library is open at lunchtime each Tuesday and Wednesday for the children to use the facilities. Each class has a weekly library / multimedia lesson and teachers have access to the library during class time.