Vision Mission

St Cecilia’s has a history marked by the tradition of a rigorous academic curriculum, within a Catholic setting and permeated in a culture where love, care, kindness and community focus prevail. We are proud and privileged to be part of St Cecilia’s in the 3rd millennium and pleased to pass on the history, traditions and culture of our fine Catholic school.

The school and parish patroness is St Cecilia. St Cecilia spent her short life as a dedicated follower of Jesus and displayed qualities of leadership, courage, integrity and gentleness. At St Cecilia’s school today, these characteristics are encouraged through the way we speak to one another and through our actions.  St Cecilia is also remembered as the patroness of Music.

Our School Motto: ‘In all things love’

Our Mission Statement

St Cecilia’s is a community-orientated school where the school staff, parents and parish work towards supporting the spiritual, academic, social, physical and emotional growth of each child.  St Cecilia’s pursues excellence in a nurturing Catholic learning environment.


Our core Catholic values are:

  • Respect
  • Hope
  • Justice
  • Service
  • Celebration

At St Cecilia’s we are proud of our excellent academic achievements. As our Mission Statement articulates, individual excellence in learning is one of our primary goals. For this reason, we offer a balanced and diverse curriculum. However, within this context, we ensure that literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills are given particular importance.