Return to School

For most students, it has been around 60 days of Home Learning. This is a significant change in the routine they are used to, and it is very normal for students and parents to have mixed thoughts on the conclusion of Home Learning and return to school.

At St Cecilia’s we are committed to helping ease our students back to school in a sensitive, smooth way so everyone can return to the very best approach to learning.

Our return to school:

What uniform should I wear? 

We will return in summer uniform. There will be a focus on opening windows and doors to help ventilation, so please ensure your child has a jacket on cooler days.

What days are the canteen?

The canteen will be open for online orders only, orders can be made through the QRK app.

How do I drop-offs and pick up my child?

  • Drop-Off and Pick-Up
    Unfortunately, parents are not to enter the school grounds.Drop-Off
    Parents are asked to use the drop-off area in White St behind the church as the entrance to the school each morning. Please remember to stay in your car when dropping off your child/children. For the safety of all involved, it is important you drive to the furthest free parking bay, allowing cars to come in behind you.Pick-Up

    • K, 1 and 2 will be dismissed at 3pm for the coming weeks.
    • Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be dismissed at 3:10pm.  Please do not join the car line before 3:10pm so that we can efficiently move the younger children.
    • If you have a child in infants and primary, please come at the later time.
    • It is important to keep the car line moving. Simply display your family name in the car windscreen and we will bring your child to you. If you need to help your child with a seat belt please continue to move as far forward as you can to ensure other cars enter the pickup zone safely behind you.
    • Unfortunately, we will need to ask parents to circle the block and return later if their child is not at the gate ready to go.
  • Walking Gate
    The gate at the front of the church in Wanganella Street is used in the afternoon for families who wish to park elsewhere or who are walking to school to collect their child. We call this the Walking Gate. Please let your child know which gate you will be using to collect them. For safety reasons we will not allow children to walk to a car for pick up at the Walking Gate.

What about vaccinations?

All St Cecilia’s staff follow NSW health orders

What is the policy on masks?

  • All students are strongly encouraged to wear a mask during the day while inside classrooms (students will supply their own with some spares available at school)
  • Masks are compulsory for all staff with some exceptions while teaching the class
  • Parents must wear masks when in or near the school grounds

Keeping our students safe in class:

  • Students will not be mixing in different year groups during class time
  • No assemblies or gatherings will take place
  • Staggered recess and lunch breaks. Allocated areas for student cohort groups and physical education

Social Distancing

  • Students will be reminded of the social distance rule and enforced (where possible)

Personal Hygiene Practices

  • Hand sanitiser will be placed in all classrooms (students may also bring their own) with sanitising on entering the classroom
  • Students will be reminded to sanitise or handwash before eating


  • Windows and doors will be kept open during class hours to ensure a flow of fresh air through the rooms
  • A CO2 monitor will be used to check classrooms regularly for fresh airflow
  • All air conditioners have been serviced in the last holidays

Site cleaning during and after school:

  • Current cleaning regimes will continue on school sites. Target areas include high-touch areas and other hard surfaces, door handles, lockers, light switches and handrails in stairways and movement areas. Enhanced cleaning is delivered as part of the daily cleaning of schools.

Activities on hold

  • Parent meetings on site.
  • Interschool activities and events including interschool sport, gala days, trials, knock outs and carnivals.
  • All external providers and specialist programs not directly related to educational outcomes and support, including community use of school facilities unless delivered online only

As you prepare your child/ren to return to school, this video by Dr Coatsworth may provide you with some support. It outlines the relative risks of transmission of coronavirus in the school setting. We have also included below some ideas that may help with the transition.

Some more helpful information: